Elevator dicussion

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Elevator dicussion

Post  r3p0 on Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:54 am

  • Elevator needs to be made smaller and "cheesed" to save weight. Is there away to use smaller tubing to make the structure in stead of sheet metal? ( meaning is their any weight savings here).

  • Elevator needs to be adjusted each side closer in order to gap for the ball. right now set at 10" part.

  • What happens to the ball at the top of the elevator needs to be decided, Since we have the shooter, we need to CAD the turret. ( also need to find that larger turntable and get it ordered. I believe it was from mcmaster carr).

  • Instead of brass bushings could we use bearings that we have on hand maybe?

  • We should be able to turn our own hubs for the rollers now. Can someone get ahold of Portland machinst guild and see if someone wants to come over and help us learning how to use the mill that we have? (we will need some solid 4" round aluminum stock ordered for these.)


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